About US

We have being worked in sealing industry for over 30 years with rich experience on product Production, technology and their market. CK sealing is a sealing specialist and excellent supplier as well as development and great partner to serve customer in variety industries, including automotive industry, general industry, mining/construction industry and home appliance industry.

Reliable Partner

Great service, On time delivery, Competitive price, High quality products, Satisfactory customer, Innovation, reliable partner

We have aspiration to become a reliable partner to offer the most extensive and available line of shaft seals, rings, fluid power seals for variety of static/dynamic sealing application.


One stop shopping here, no doubt!!

We offer a comprehensive sealing products to serve industries that involve equipment with a motion and/or sealing application, such as general industry, automotive industry, mining/construction industry and home appliance industry.

With over 30 year experience on sealing products knowledge and technology, we certainly offer you the best solution and developing customized design to satisfy your requirement to improve your equipment more efficiently then efficiency and cost saving.


Cam/Crank shaft seals

Hub seals

Cam/Crank shaft seals

Teflon seals

Cam/Crank shaft seals

Engine seal

Cam/Crank shaft seals